In Memory of Raider
7/28/92 to 8/23/02

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My Babies

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Betta Babies
Secret, Vail,Teaspoon, Raven, Merlin

In Memory Of My Fur Babies That Went Home

My heaven would be for us all to be together again when I go home. Until then, I'll feel your breaths in the winds, the warmth of your hearts in the sun. The first snow,,,,I'll feel you all on our quiet walks in diamond dust, when the rest of the world is cozied up inside. I'll see your tails wagging as I watch the Autumn leaves dance to the ground and feel your warmth surrounding me in sleep as you warmed me in your lifes. Oh yesssssss,,,heaven! Home! Where my pack will be complete!

We try to hold on, we try to move on.......

Autumn, Aspen, Luna, Shadow, Lakota, Lucky, Raider, Banjo, Irish and Butts ,,,,,,,,I miss you...............................till then

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