7/28/92 to 8/23/02

Ian letting PUPPY Raider off his leash and asking : "Raider,,whatcha going to do with your freedom?"
Raider runs around the yard a few times in a frenzy with a wild look in his eyes and then runs off into the woods without even a glance back.

Raider,,,don't worry about me anymore. Leave this sick body and go home. Banjo is waiting for you. I can feel him here. Play with your Frisbee's and balls and visit me in my dreams. Please let me feel you following me. And please be one of the friends that meets me when I go home,,so we'll forever be together. You are my Special Child. One that has needed more love then most and gave so much love back in return. You are my Dog CHILD,,,so human in your emotions. You are Pure Love! I love you my Shadow, Cinnamon, Cement Head, my Raider Man ,my Handsome Guy,,,,let go. You'll forever be in my heart and in my tears. I miss you so much! But it's time to go home.

Raider? Whatcha going to do with your freedom?
Your Mommy

Good bye will live on in my heart forever.
Your Daddy

Raider passed in my arms 8/23/02. His pain is gone for me to hold for him.
Peggy (Raiders Mommy)

Raider was the puppy of a purebred German Shepard Mom and a purebred St. Bernard Dad. The Dad was much older and wasn't considered a threat to the female G.Shepard. Opps!!! A huge litter was born. Raider looked like his mom, but had the wiggly neck of his dad. Such a handsome guy! *:)

We were told by the vet that Raider had an inbalance that he'd have to live with. This also known as anxiety or fear biter. No meds helped or efforts to socialize. You could see it in his eyes how excited he was to meet someone, but then the fear took over. So I got to spend my life with him in solitary conditions. Something we bothed liked. Raider had a love of frisbee's and before he was grown enough to be a danger, he'd have regular frisbee sessions in an open backyard. He was also small brother to Banjo my Samoyed mix. He loved Banjo so much and really it was Banjo that did most of the training on Raider. Whatever bodily functions Banjo did, Raider would copy. *:) Raider brought a lot of joy into Banjo's life. It was the first time he had a brother and he'd chase Raider around until the sickness took him. Their bond was very special! Lakota joined Raider not to long long after Banjo left us. It was his turn to teach and take care of a puppy. After his fear of Lakota left, he took him under his wing and protected him with his life. He would have done anything for Lakota or me. He had such a huge heart and puppy playfulness. Very few got to see this.

Raider was a shadow in how he followed me around. If I was gone, he'd get more protective of the house and Lakota and the results were seen on the floor to ceiling curtains, torn getting to an "intruder". A bird must have gotten to close to the house. He was happiest when we were all together and settled in. That's when he'd bring out the tennis balls. This guy could entertain himself! With one ball in his mouth, he'd be batting another one around the house. He was the forever puppy! He became paternal with stuffed monkeys and i'd make sure Lakota wouldn't get at them. If Lakota tried, then Raider would let him have it even if he whined about it. I made sure Lakota wouldn't take advantage that way. Raider just would do anything for us and Lakota knew it. On the other side,,,Raider would put his life on the line for both of us. He had the softest and protective of sides.

I think Raider had a wonderful life for all his fears. He was kept in as much peace as possible and shared his heart to those he let into it. His passing hurts, but now I look back at his years and see how happy he was. That brings me comfort. I will always see him running around the house with one tennis ball in his mouth while batting another one around. The forever puppy and always huge heart. That was/is my Raider.

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I miss you so much Raider!

With love always,,,
Your Mom

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