Lucky & Shadow (Lucky on the right)

Lucky came late to me. About 12 years old approximately. A friend saw how much he loved being here with Lakota and Shadow that he asked if I'd keep him. How could I say no when I saw just how youthful he became in such a short time!? Besides,,I fell in love with him. *;) As you can see from the picture, Shadow had a huge bonding with Lucky and wouldn't even sleep if he couldn't be laying next to Lucky. Lucky had no problem with that and they even squeezed into the same crate together. Something I didn't think possible for two big dogs, but they did and loved it! Well, they did. I guess Lucky got a little more independant and now when Shadow tries to snuggle on top of him, Lucky just leaves the crate for a more spacious doggy bed. Even though their sleeping conditions changed, Lucky and Shadow are still inseperable and even Lakota has gotten into their play time.

Lucky is such a sweet dog and not my first experience with Golden Retrievers, so I'm not surprised at his calm personality. What did surprise me is that after a few months of being here, he finally got excited when I returned home. One day I returned from shopping and not only heard the usual barks, but a very deep bark coming from Lucky. I laughed because it was the most intimadating bark and from such a sweet dog. I opened the door to find ALL three waiting for me with wagging tails. *:) Lucky has quickly adjusted to our home and I can't imagine this place without him now.

I just gave Lucky his first bath and I have to say he wasn't as use to it as I thought he'd be. We both got very wet! And when I thought he'd be use to the hair dryer,,,,,,,nope! Wrong!!! He took off in the other room leaving me laughing. We both had fun, although I'm glad it's not a weekly experience. *;)

I'm so happy Lucky has come into our lifes and although he's 12 (I think), I hope we have many more years together. He's brought a little sanity to our home. Or maybe,,,he's just getting a little more insane. *:) One thing for sure,,he's a very happy dog and loves just listening to the stream with my arm over him. He takes it all in, then looks at me and gives me a big kiss. *:)

Tug O War with the Moose Blankey


Lucky died on Monday, 1/20/08 at 4:00am. He was about 14 1/2 years old. He had a heart desease that slowly took him. In the months since his mini stroke,,he had a good life. But, I knew his life was coming to an end. So this past Christmas, I put up a tree and finally decorated one, because I knew it would be his last tree. And he did love it!!!! He poked at the ornaments at the bottom of it and wagged his tail when he saw me catching him. What a present he gave me in his joy!!!!! His condition started getting worse and I was afraid to take the tree down. Feeling it would be cutting the cord to his life since I begged the spirits to let him live through the holidays. Finally, on the 14th of Jan. I had to take the tree down. The next day Lucky went to where the tree was and looked confused. He looked at me as if asking,,"where did it go?". That made me cry.

His condition declined, but he still found the energy to come find me if I left him too long. Then, I woke finding him laying beside me and following me as much as he could. I knew his time was short now. Early Monday morning,,he declined and I knew it was the end. I held him through it and felt all of it. What didn't hit me until the next day was that he chose to leave this world in a place that he never layed down at before. EVER! It was where the Christmas tree was.

Lucky,,you sweet, sweet soul! I miss you soooo much and I love you sooo much! You are the shining star in my heart. The one on the tree, can not compare to the one you put into my heart. I miss you sweet cement head! Gawd,,I miss you!!!

Play with your tennis balls and when you can,,look down or visit those that miss you.

Lucky the night before he left this world. Enjoying the wood stove and being near me.

Sleep well my Lucky! Wake to tennis balls and wings! We love you and you are missed!

The ornaments are hung on the tree for you Lucky! You are sorely missed.

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With love always,,,
Your Mom


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