For those that didn't follow Lakota's history on here,,,all I can tell you is that he was my clown! He loved to make me laugh! I'm sure he's not happy with all the tears I'm shedding,,but,,,I feel my heart is in pieces now. Slowly, the pieces will heal together and the shiny pieces,,,those are the pieces of my heart that Lakota put there.

The story I'd like to tell is how Lakota loved to chew his stuffed toys apart. It was like he thought he was doing the stuffed animal a service, by dissecting them and taking out the talking or squeaking parts. I was horrified,,,he was proud!!!!

Until one Christmas,,,Santa gave him a talking Big Bird! Touch different parts of Big Birds body and it would say different things. Lakota no longer had the urge to tear stuffed animals apart, but father the bird as his own. He carried it wherever he went. When he slept,,,Big Bird was his pillow. He also loved running into the room I was in with Big Bird in his mouth, because it made me laugh. I can't say I always laughed at the annoying,,,"hahahaha's,,,Peek-A- Boo, This Little Piggy Went To Market,,etc", but,,,because Lakota loved it so much, I soon found myself waiting for those Big Bird remarks.

I was worried his first Big Bird would get destroyed, so I bought him a back up. I had that back up bird for 2 years, before I finally gave it to him for another Christmas present. He was thrilled!!!! Now he was carting two birds around! One at a time, but he got them both where he wanted them. No toy since, has interested him much, unless he was stealing one from Shadow. But,,that was an alpha game with him and he was never really interested in the toy. Just that he could take it. He was a brat! In a great way!!!

A bit over a year before his death, he got to see his first waterfall. I needed him to see one before he left this world. He seemed more overwhelmed then anything, but there were a lot of people at the falls that day. His walk was slow, where he was usually up front and leading the pack,,,but,,even with being overwhelmed,,he enjoyed that day.

That was his last long walk. I thought it was age and didn't see the symptoms of CHF until the end. He was too furry for me to see the stomach bloating. I wondered if his lack of energy was him being lazy. He was never a very hyper Samoyed! But,,,I still got him his ice cubes when he barked for them. He knew I'd wait on him and I wondered if that was good for him. Maybe he should be working his back legs! But, in all I recently read,,,,me letting him relax all that time,,probably bought me more time with him! So with each WOOF and me getting those ice cubes for him,,,was not only a gift of love from me, but him giving me more time.

His ending,,,sudden! I had no idea he was sick! As I write this,,I go from numb to tears. I still can't believe my baby is gone! Even though he died in my arms on HIS rug,,,I expect the WOOF's for ice cubes, or him running around the corner with one of his Big Birds, or just coming to me for rubs.

As hard as this is for me. I have NO regrets! I still get comforted from him in all the years he shared with me. I'd do it all over again!

But now,,,I'm trying to face the reality of it all and I'm not really there yet. But, I couldn't wait much longer to write about him. To let everyone know what a happy spirit he was,,and a huge clown! He was such a happy guy! Each and every day he'd make me laugh and fill this house with conversation. And now,,it's soooo quiet. Too quiet! I wait for Big Bird to laugh or Lakota demanding (politely) ice cubes or just him sassing me!

Lakota,,,I wait for your demands for ice cubes in every sound I hear! I wait to hear Big Bird talking as you come to me with your tail wagging. I wait for the day we're together again! Because you my Baby,,,you are one of few of the real loves I've had in my life. You are my baby!!!! I miss you!!!!


Lakota's last Christmas

Lakota with Polaris

Lakota with one of his Big Birds


My heart has a great big hole in it since you went home. *:( ......

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With love always,,,
Your Mom


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