11/ 2002 - 7 / 28 / 2014
aka Seal Meat
(caught with just another thing that shouldn't be in his mouth)

Lakota was getting lonely being the only dog, so I was keeping an eye on the shelter websites in NH. One night I saw a picture of Shadow,, G.Shepard Mix, and I knew we had to meet. The shelter called him Garth, but that name quickly changed when we got him home. Lakota went with me to meet "Garth" and see if they got along together. It didn't take long before both dogs wanted off leashes to play with each other. That sealed the deal for me and I signed the papers and brought "Garth" home on 10/18/02. Right away he took on Raiders trait to follow me everywhere. That's when I knew what his name would be. One of my special names for Raider and that was Shadow. Garth was history just like his shelter days would be.

Shadow is about 1 year old and was a misunderstood, overgrown puppy. His puppy play was mostly with his mouth and for that reason he was returned to the shelter twice. He was quickly broken out of the mouthy thing when i'd yelp when he grabbed my hand. He was so worried he hurt me he learned not to do it. One thing he didn't learn was when I went to sleep, it wasn't the time for him to go crazy. He wasn't to be trusted then. To him this house was full of things for him to play with and chew. I decided to bring Raiders kennel down and crate train him when I was sleeping or out of the house. To save things from being eaten as well as not get jumped on when I was sleeping. This guy really thinks of himself as a lightweight lap dog. NOT!!! OUCHIE! I'd leave the crate door open during the day and he'd go in there to chew his bones or nap. But, when things showed up missing I decided to check in his lil apartment and sure enough,,I found many things hidden there! Shampoo bottle, soap, loofah to name a few. All hidden neatly under his doggy bed. I'm rethinking his name to Thief,,,but i'll stick to Shadow for now. *;)

Shadow is a huge snuggler!!!! As I mentioned he thinks he's a small lap dog and tries to put his whole body on my lap. I can lay down to nap with him beside me and he'd stay there with my arm around him. Unless he got an attack to do some cat burglery. He's such a gentle spirit but with lots of puppy fire when he's not being snuggled. He'll flip toys around Lakota and Raider ignored for years. Mostly though he loves bones. Marrow bones, rawhide bones, anything he can eat real fast. Nylabones kind of still remain with dust on them. When he runs out of them, he'll sneak to Lakota's favorite spot and try to steal them. Lakota the thief is finally getting a taste of his own medicine. lol

First day here Lakota was a bit snitty with Shadow. He was setting the ground rules and letting Shadow know he was the alpha and don't think different. But by the next day both were chasing each other around. They tear up the backyard real good and Shadow taught Lakota how to dig holes. Shadow is teaching Lakota to much! hehee But, the play these two have together is sooo nice to watch. Lakota with a new friend and Shadow with a new family and home. He's brought back a much needed puppy spirit to this house. Like with Raider, Shadow has it in him to be a forever puppy. A spirit that doesn't grow old. Finding him was a real blessing for Lakota and me and I think Shadow would agree a blessing for him too. *:)

Shadow was the first dog I've ever adopted and I recommend it highly! There are sooo many wonderful animals waiting for a home and needing love and understanding. Two had tried Shadow out and didn't know about the breed or training, so had to bring him back Because they did return him, I got a wonderful new friend! Anyone that gets an animal, even an adopted animal have to realize that dogs don't know the house rules. Because they're not puppies doesn't mean they don't know soap isn't a toy,,,or your sweater isn't for chewing, etc. And many of the animals have had loving homes and were either given up or abandoned,,leaving them confused and empty. I know dogs and they know lonliness. These animals need lots of love, understanding and to be taught the rules of the house. In a gentle way. And with that gift you give them,,,they'll give you their heart forever!!! Before adopting any animal, get to know the breed. There's so much information on the internet there's no excuse not to. It will help you understand that animal better and that will help you both. It's worth the time to research and helps make sure you're getting the animal that best suits your needs and theirs. I sooo highly recommend rescuing animals that need good homes. It's rewarding in so many ways and they'll be forever grateful. ALL animals should be loved! Just ask Shadow who is at the moment trying to kick me off the couch so he can have it to himself. *;)

Peggy, Shadow & Lakota

1/ 2008



Your illness gave me no notice my handsome guy! How am I suppose to deal with that? Your bandanna and collar are laying on your side of the couch. That's it! In a quick breath,,,you're gone! *:(...............

I will love you forever my Heart, my Shadow!!!
Your Mom

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