Moqua 11/2007

She was born to an Indian family in a remote part of Montana and adopted by my son and raised there while he was in college. She spent nearly every weekend with him exploring streams, lakes and forests and developed a free spirit about her that would find her wandering off, but always returning. She loved people, particularly kids.

Her move to the farm in New Hampshire was an adjustment. A less wild life, a new master and having to share him with a sister, Mattie, a big German Shepard who was here first. In time they became friends and the two of them were always together. Doing farm chores, swimming in the lake and exploring the stream or lying around the house. She still occasionally liked to sneak off alone into the fields nearby, just like she did in Montana. What a great life!

When Mattie died, Moqua changed. She did not go far exploring anymore, but stayed close to her master. No more swimming in the lake, just sitting on the shore and watching it. Like her friend Mattie, her last day was also a good one. A morning walk in the field then down to the lakeshore. Then, later that day, carried home by her master while her paw prints faded in the sand and the Autumn leaves quietly fell as though the forest was weeping. They are together again.

Love your pets and always watch over them!

John Hartman

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