Mattie 08/2007

A person could not wish for a better friend than Mattie. True to her breed, she was very intelligent and beautiful. She was protective of the family but loved friends over and quickly accepted new friends into the home. She never hurt anyone. Those eyes of hers could read your mind!

She lived a very happy life on the farm here in Eaton, NH. She liked helping in the garden and in the orchard (always eating a few apples!), running in the field with her friend Moqua, swimming in the lake and the stream, bossing the other animals around and just lying in the sun. In the winter she particularly liked digging in the snow. Most of all, she just liked being next to her master and watching what he was up to next.

Even her last day was a good one. A walk in the field, a swim in the lake and then- in her final hours- in the arms of her master. We all miss you Mattie! You will always be remembered! Here's to all the special dogs in our lives!!

John Hartman

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