Cotton Candy

Samoyed wool has been described to me by customers, to be a combination of angora and merino. It's very soft, dyes on the lighter side and can be a slow spin, but worth the effort. In the end, the yarn gives a nice halo like angora and is super soft.

I collected quite a supply to spin for myself, but I finally realized I just don't have the time, so I decided to dye some up and share it with others. There is a limited supply, so I won't always have this much available. Once the colors I have listed sell,,,that's it! It's gone! It could take a long time before I can collect this amount of wool from my 2 Samoyeds again and when/if I do,,I'll be dyeing it different colors.

* Hand-dyed Spinning Fiber
* Samoyed Wool
* Colors: Shades of pink


4 sold / 1 available --->: 1 oz / 7.00 each <et>

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