* Hand Dyed Spinning Fiber
* Bamboo Top
* Colors: Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple & Yellow
* Note: The picture of the hand-spun is just a sample of how it can look finished. It's not part of this listing and a little bit lighter than the dye lot in the picture.

*Note: Bamboo is the inexpensive alternative to the Tussah silk I carry. Whether undyed or dyed, I can't tell the difference between them. It's just as silky, shiny and soft as the Tussah silk.


sold --->: 2.8 ozs / 11.20
sold --->: 3.8 ozs / 15.20
sold --->: 6 ozs / 24.00
sold --->: 6.3 ozs / 25.20
sold --->: 6.4 ozs / 25.60

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