Merlin's Forest

* Hand Dyed Spinning Fiber
* Yearling Mohair Top
* Colors: Greens & Browns
* NOTE: This picture is a stock photo of this dye lot.
* NOTE: This batch was rinsed with the "new" Downy April Fresh, which is NOT like the old Downy at all. It is heavy in scent (which I did not know there was a change since it wasn't mentioned on their bottles) , but I didn't want to rinse it again before it would be spun to maintain the roving. The scent will come out after washing. I assure everyone,,I will not be using Downy in the future anymore to rinse my fibers or for anything else and I'm sorry for this batch being so heavily scented. If anyone mourns the loss of the old Downy "April Fresh",,let them know like I did,,although it didn't get me anywhere and I'm still looking for a good "fresh and clean" softener for my fibers.


sold --->: 7.4 ozs. / 29.60
sold --->: 7.5 ozs. / 30.00
sold --->: 7.6 ozs. / 30.40
sold --->: 7.9 ozs. / 31.60 each

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