Limited Edition Hand Dyed Yarns

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Each fiber takes to the dyes differently. The pictures below are only a representative of each colorway.And REMEMBER,,,Just because you bought a certain yarn at one point, the wpi could change. Check the wpi, gauges, dye lot, etc. carefully before ordering. The yarns are constantly changing even though they may be the same type.

Each skein is unique even in the same dye lot. Rule for hand dyed yarns is to work with one for a couple of inches and then change to another skein. Keep rotating skeins throughout your project for an even pattern.

Wash in warm or cool water, gentle detergent and air dry on a flat surface. Some dye residue coming out of the yarns during the first couple of washings is normal and won't effect the color of the yarn.

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Valley Sunset

Sea Shells


Summer Berries

Thunderstorm / sold out

Merlin's Forest

Islands In The Sky

Amethyst Crystal

Fairies Wings

Leaf Peepers

Wild Blueberries

Pink Hydrangea / sold out

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