Small Town Parade in Eaton NH

I don't think any parade could beat Macy's parades, but a small town parade comes close. They have the balloons, but we have the dragon. They have Santa, but we have the cow. They have the floats,,,well, sometimes we have floats! Kind of floats. *:)

The Sheriff blocks traffic for our town's parade. This is rte 153, so there was a wait for the poor travelers that couldn't see ahead to what was going on.

A huge thank you for the firemen. They always lead our parade.

Nice truck! *:)

These ladies have some fun routines with those umbrella's.

My favorite dragon can swing a mean umbrella and shake a sexy tail!

LOVE this car!

Nan E B and her famous lime green bug.

Aiden on his powerful lawn mower.


Some nice vintage cars.

This car had a cute little pooch enjoying the ride from the backseat. Monty noticed!
(Monty,,,,the Crystal Lake Inn's mascot)

Wow! Real nice!

Now this one would have room for all my dogs.

This is Class Act aka Moo Moo

The wonderful Sheriff who kept the rowdy crowd in order & controlled the traffic.

Following the Sheriff who was the last one in the parade, were all the people that were unexpectedly delayed to watch our small town parade. All seemed to enjoy the Norman Rockwell moment. *:) The crowd gave them attention too! *:)

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