Cancer treatment left me with some disabilities to make it hard to continue business as usual. It was very hard for me to have the business sign taken down and to know the galleries days have ended. I like to keep these pictures up to remember the years I put into the gallery, a long time dream. The most fun part of the business was my crazy idea to have a chocolate drive-thru. The crazy thing,,,,,,,it worked and it was a lot of fun!!! It didn't take long for people to know where I was because of the chocolate drive-thru,,,NOT the gallery itself. I will miss all of it, but after this long battle that I'm still battling,,,I need to change directions.

I'm deleting categories I will not be working on anymore, as I find time. I will be keeping the hand dyed spinning fibers, but at a lesser level than I was doing. I hope to get back to my artwork again. Meaning, painting, drawing and photography. It will be for my pleasure now, I won't be doing commissioned work anymore. It's time for me to get back to my roots where I'm most happy. Life is too short not to.

Gallery Pictures

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Inside The Gallery


Chocolate Hearts

* 1/4lb bags for 7.00


* Plain
* Cherry
* Raspberry
* Peppermint
* Rose

Made during summer & autumn tourists season or by special order

1/4lb bags

* Chocolate & Rice Crispies: 8.00
* Chocolate & Salty Peanuts: 8.00


* 1/2 dozen for 6.00


* Chocolate Chip w/Pecans
* Chocolate Chip (no nuts)

Made during summer & autumn tourists season or by special order



Outside the Gallery


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