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Welcome to Eaton, NH!!! A small town built around a mountain lake that will not only take you back in time, but will take your breath away. Outside of it's natural beauty, we have some wonderful Inns and businesses that will leave you warm & cozy and wanting to come back for more.

I hope you enjoy this online visit and of course,,,,stop by and visit us if you can!

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EATON column by Nancy E. Williams 5/23/17 447-5635


It is that time of year again. The Little White Church in Eaton will be hosting “Kayaks and Casseroles,” one of our favorite events. We will meet at the Eaton beach at 5 p.m. on Sunday, May 28th with our decorated recreational boat of choice to paddle leisurely across the lake, where we will leave our boats and walk to the Little White Church for a Community Dinner. Participants are encouraged to bring side salads, side dishes or desserts; main dishes and drinks will be provided. Come and boat or just come to the dinner around 6. All decorated boats will receive a prize. Come one, come all. Donations will help with the upkeep of our beautiful church. For more information, call Candace at 447-2295.

The Entree Specials for Locals’ Night at Max’s Restaurant and Pub at the Snowvillage Inn this Tuesday, May 23 include: Half Rack of New Zealand Lamb with a barley risotto and goat cheese; Max’s Pork Chops with a black bean sauce; Sundried Lemon Crusted Baked Haddock with potato salad; Skillet Mac’n’Cheese with Parmesan, cheddar, creme fraiche and macaroni; and Vegetable Stir Fry with asparagus, oyster mushrooms, kale, leeks, sesame and ginger over fettuccine. They all sound excellent, and enjoy the beautiful views if you arrive early for a beverage on the porch.

Starting on Thursday, May 25, Max’s famous Oyster Orgy now has company with Max’s In The Raw Bar featuring Oysters, Littlenecks, Ceviche and Crudo. Give the Inn a call to reserve a table at 447-2818.

The Inn at Crystal Lake and Palmer House Pub would like to introduce their new Chef, Louis Belvedere. Chef Louis was born and raised in Florence, Italy, and trained at the Cordon Bleu in Paris. Come in to try some of his specialties. His lobster risotto (according to Bobby Barker’s mom, Eileen) is amazing. This week’s Watch It Wednesday will be “My Cousin Vinny.” The movie starts at 7 p.m. and there is no charge or minimum food order, but reservations are recommended (447-2120).

Most of you know that Don and Betsy Gemmecke will be going on a long trek across England on the 192 mile Wainwright Coast to Coast Trail. They are dedicating this walk to their daughter Becky, who has been suffering from a complex and debilitating chronic disease for over 6 years. For the last 1 1/2 years she has been in a clinical trial at the Stanford ME/CFS Initiative, which collaborates with the Open Medicine Foundation that has brought in top experts from a variety of fields for a new research project to understand and find a cure for this terrible disease. If people would like to donate, they should go to and click donate and for the tribute, use “in honor of” Rebecca Divita. We so hope they will find a way to relieve your pain, Becky.

I thought you might be interested in the 2017 Sheriff Patrol summary sheet for the month of April. The total number of stops was 63, including 10 summons, 45 warnings, 4 medical aid, 1 arrest, and 3 others. People driving too fast through the Town of Eaton are going to be caught. It is outrageous how drivers speed right through the town without slowing to the 35 mph speed limit, which might be dropped to 30 mph. This is a town with children and pets, breakfast and lunch patrons at the Eaton Village Store, stops at the Post Office, and people out for a walk near the lake. I’m sure you have noticed that Peggy Wescott now has her metal barrier back in front of her house on the corner. Her house has been crashed into two times since she has lived there; the first time the SUV was literally inside the house. The 2nd time was because of the police chasing an alleged drug dealer. We live here and want everyone to SLOW DOWN. Thanks to John Hartman for continuing the fight that the Selectmen have been having with the state. With Jeb Bradley’s help, something is finally being done.

Business Links

MOTOMO STUDIO & GALLERY : If you found this page through Motomo's url then clicking on the url here will bring on symtoms of deja vu. Go ahead and try it! *:)

CRYSTAL LAKE INN: Here's a personal favorite of mine. Crystal Lake Inn!!! A beautiful Inn with a view of Crystal Lake and across the street from que seraour Little White Church. They're also kitty corner to my house/business which makes it easy for me on a night out. *;) Tim and Bobby are the GREATEST!!! They opened a pub in the Inn called Palmers Pub and I occasionally drop by on a friday night with my local friends for a bite to eat and a couple or a few drinks. *:D This is a DO NOT MISS place to visit or stay in if you come to Eaton. You can learn more about this Eaton delight at:

THE SNOWVILLAGE INN/ The Snowvillage Inn is the perfect location for weddings and special events of all kinds. We have extensive experience creating and managing unique events, both large and small, from weddings and cocktail parties to corporate events.

FOSS MOUNTAIN FARM: If you're interested in registered Huacaya Alpacas and pedigreed Ragdoll cats, then this is a must see stop on your tour of Eaton. Check out their website to see these gorgeous animals and to get more information. *:)

WAUKEELA CAMP FOR GIRLS: What a wonderful camp for girls if you're looking for a small town feel that can take one back to Norman Rockwell days. Crystal Lake is right across the street from the camp and as you can see from their site,,,a good time is had by all! Great camp to check out!!!!

EATON WEB SITE: An informational site for Eaton, NH

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