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Welcome to Eaton, NH!!! A small town built around a mountain lake that will not only take you back in time, but will take your breath away. Outside of it's natural beauty, we have some wonderful Inns and businesses that will leave you warm & cozy and wanting to come back for more.

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EATON column by Nancy E. Williams 9/13/22 447-5635


Two Eaton events coming to our Little White Church in September:

Ellen Schwindt is planning an open piano evening on September 15, from 7-8:30 p.m. at the Little White Church. Ellen is planning a diverse program including performances by her students and other community members. Anchoring it are two canonical pieces. Charlotte Gill and Ellen will perform Mozart’s piano and violin sonata, K. 304, composed in Paris in the early summer of 1778. It’s one of her favorite pieces of music, perfectly proportioned and full of pathos. Maisie Brown, a teen pianist in Ellen’s studio, will perform Debussy’s Arabesque number 1, a piece sure to evoke memories of all the bubbling brooks you’ve had a chance to sit beside this summer. Donations are appreciated and will help support the LWC.

After a hiatus due to COVID, Kayaks and Casseroles is back at our Little White Church! Bring your decorated kayak or other water transportation to the Eaton beach at 4:30 on Sunday, September 18. Boats will shove off at 5:00, parade around the lake and end up near the church. A short walk to the LWC will be rewarded with a delicious dinner consisting of a variety of casseroles. Side dishes and salads may be donated to fill out the meal.

Don’t forget to vote in the NH State Primary on Tuesday, September 13, at the Eaton Town Hall between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Jeanne Hartman is asking bakers to bring in baked goods by 11:00 that morning, to raise money for the Eaton Community Circle. Make sure to vote and bring your wallet to buy delicious baked goods.

It was indeed a “50 center” day at Waukeela Camp for Girls on Saturday, September 10, 2022, for the Celebration of the Incredible Life of Nancy Evans Burns, or familiarly Nan EB. Six stellar musicians spread beauty and joy as they performed throughout the day: Dana Cunningham - piano; Julia Hendrickson - flute, voice; Carolyn Cantin Desmarais - flute; Amy Bridgham Kelley - viola, voice; Kate Vachon - flute; Jen Crouser - voice. All of these performers were very close to Nan EB.

Many members of the Burns family had the large audience laughing hysterically, or tearing up occasionally as they spoke lovingly of life with this amazing woman: son Jack Burns, daughter Alice Chavarria Burns, grandson Guillermo Chavarria Burns, daughter Cathy Paris and her friend Stu Wilson, grandson Evan Paris, son Michael Burns, daughter in law Lindsey Burns, and granddaughter Taryn Burns. All of their reflections and the beautiful songs and poems they read, gave us a perfect picture of who Nan EB really was and how beloved she is to all of us.

I will end with Nan EB’s own words: Continue to learn, to laugh and to listen - be inclusive and be positive. Be safe, be kind, be you. Love wraps it all up. And don’t forget to write thank you notes!”


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