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Welcome to Eaton, NH!!! A small town built around a mountain lake that will not only take you back in time, but will take your breath away. Outside of it's natural beauty, we have some wonderful Inns and businesses that will leave you warm & cozy and wanting to come back for more.

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EATON column by Nancy E. Williams 7/14/20 447-5635


Happy Bastille Day July 14th, to all my French friends! This is like their July 4th celebration, with lots of big parades, although I doubt that is happening right now. Vive la France.

Many of you may be wondering about the progress on the Little White Church’s steeple. Be assured it is cranking along, albeit slowly. The belfry looks exquisitely beautiful, all of the trim and siding is finished and painted. The builder is getting close to raising the belfry structure. Drawings by Cormack Builders are also in process, so that we will have documented details of the steeple construction for the generations to come. In the meantime, except for two events scheduled for August, the church will not be holding the usual events that typically happen in the fall, due to both the construction and to the pandemic.

Fortunately, thanks to the astounding generosity of Eaton and so many who have been touched by the magic of our little church, the Little White Church has reached the fundraising goals for the steeple and for the piano restoration, which is also presently in process. Fundraising will continue for the ongoing maintenance of the piano, as well as for concerts, lectures, and inspiring programing for our community and beyond. In light of the emerging vision for the church’s expanded outreach, there is also the potential for a parking lot which will address the traffic concerns when the church is full. The rebuilding and revitalization of all that our Little White Church represents - is happening - at a time when our community and our world need it most. May all of Eaton anticipate that bell ringing again. May it ring a song of welcome - to everyone. May it be the sound of freedom, a bell for justice, a song of love between all our brothers and our sisters. All over this land.

News from Linda and Dave Sorenson’s BerryKnoll: gooseberries, (limited) black currants, red currants and pink currants are ready to pick. We are rolling back the price to $4 a quart to avoid having to handle change. Hope this works for everyone. Checks are accepted, made out to David Sorenson. Yes, masks are required. See you soon!

Update from the Inn at Crystal Lake and Palmer House Pub of Eaton: What a crazy weekend. A lot different than we expected with needing to do everything individually. Usually we have a self-serve part of breakfast with coffee, juice, muffins, etc. And then a hot breakfast is served - but with all the rules, we have to do everything separately. Much more work than we imagined. The Inn at Crystal Lake reopened at the beginning of the month for lodging only. It has been an interesting couple of weeks as Bobby and Tim adhere to all the new rules and regulations for the pandemic. There will be even more to work through in order to get the restaurant reopened for dinner - so they have made the decision to start with take-out only beginning on Wednesday, July 22nd. They are still working on the details, but give them a call at 447-2120 or visit the website

Don’t forget the hours of operation for the Little Field Farm Stand, right by King Pine: Thursday and Friday, 12 to 5; Saturday and Sunday, 10 to 5. I urge you to try the homemade croissants, trust me. (447-1824)

Here’s a quick update for the Eaton Village Store take-out window: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 8 to 3; Sunday and Monday, 8 to 2. (Take-out window closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.) Some people are having trouble getting to their mail boxes before noon, when Carol and I usually close. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday, we will still close at noon. However, those who get their mail at our Post Office will be able to get in to your mailboxes on Monday, Thursday, and Friday until 4 p.m. This is new, so make note of the times. Kate, Justin, Stacey in Madison, Carol and I are trying to be a bit more flexible to make it easier for all of you You won’t be able to do P.O. retail business after noon, just pick up your mail and, of course, your Conway Daily Sun. Also, don’t forget that EVS has wine, beer, groceries, and ice, so please ask at the take-out window when open, and you can ask for your mail, too. If you’ve been ordering packages, please pick them up as soon as you can because of the small size of my Post Office. My next column will be Tuesday, August 4th. (Did I really just say August?)




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