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Update: 12/22/2016

It's been a long time since I've updated this and I'm sorry about that. Recovery can be hard and trying to get back on path. I am!!!, but,,,I heard some bad news yesterday. I had a yearly visit with my surgeon and instead of him just looking at my scar,,,I gave him a list of questions. No one else could have answered what he could.

One,,possibly two lymph nodes pretruded,,,,meaning the cancer spread out of the area. That would explain my rising tumor markers. I also found out the cancer was not just in my bone, but in my muscles. It was nasty.

I had already decided to close the gallery before hearing this and now I'm cutting back on a lot. I still sell most of what you see on the site, but I'm currently not producing anything new.

I've had a recent CT scan which showed nothing, but the tumor markers go up. I was told "it" wasn't showing itself yet". I will have my next tumor marker test in April and if it goes up again,,,they will try a PET scan, which would show more than a CT scan. In the meantime,,,,I'm going natural and trying Essiac tea. I use to make it for years for my dogs and I didn't loose one to cancer, but to old age. After loosing my Lakota,,,I stopped making the tea for some reason and lost TWO of my dogs to cancer during my treatment. Life can be cruel! Anyway,,,maybe there is something to this Essiac tea. I've believed in it for years,,,but never thought I'd be testing myself with it. I'll be starting a daily routine with it today.

I am still selling most of what you see on the website,,mostly the hand dyed spinning fibers. I haven't had time to update the site much beyond them,,but if interested in something else,,just let me know and I'll let you know if I have it.

In my personal life,,,I'm not producing. I'm tossing stuff,,,getting rid of inventory I know I won't use/need again and finding time for my cooking passion to help feed my new upright freezer. Always wanted one and it's funny how this crazy appliance is helping me feed the passion of cooking amazing things and being able to freeze in individual containers for later.

As sad as it was to watch,,,my business sign was taken down. I doubt I'll ever reopen the gallery. If I can manage to repaint my living room,,,the business sign (I made it) will have a place on the wall over my couch. My passion right now,,to make this place a HOME instead of a factory. Nesting it!!!! I never thought I'd say this,,,,but business just doesn't matter anymore!!!! I worked on it 7 days a week for what,,,19 years? I let it go! Cancer showed me priorities.

It's Dec. 22nd and yesterday was my big day out. Playing chocolate chip cookie Santa, dump run, surgeon visit and grocery shopping. I LOVED just putting money into the Red Cross pot and hearing the bell,,,,buying a Hannoford box for helping to feed others and letting anyone trying to get on the major road,,,,,go. I would stop (much to the anger of people in back of me), to let a car get on the road. I got one happy person and who knows how many angry people. lol I just could not get enough of giving where I could!

I'm going to end this and not make it more of a rant. The update is,,,,,I am stage 4 and as the surgeon and oncologist tell me as my tumor markers rise,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,we need to wait and see where it shows up! In the meantime I'm getting my house in order and not the legal way. I'm finally nesting! Home before business! *:)

Love & Hugs to all of you!!!




Breast Cancer

A dance. Between the woman that wants to live and life (the man). At least that's how I see this dance. This dance can show more than what I've been able to say in words. PLEASE watch it!


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