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Because of health issues, with a lot of heartbreak, I've decided to close the business as it has been known.

As I find time, you'll see categories being taken off the site. I will continue dyeing hand dyed spinning fiber occasionally, but even that will eventually be fazed out.

It's time to focus on passions again. Something I put in the closest for too many years. Eventually, you'll be seeing more of my artwork. The business will continue, it's just changing what I'll be selling.

I want to thank all my followers and the regulars that use to visit the gallery. I do hope you will enjoy my new work, even though it will be awhile before I get to post any of it. It takes awhile to work on a new path with new inventory. I'm starting from scratch,,,,,,again! And this will be the last time, because this is where I should have been all along.

Oh,,,,for those that follow the Eaton news,,,not to worry! I will keep posting the updates. *:)

Thank you!




Breast Cancer

A dance. Between the woman that wants to live and life (the man). At least that's how I see this dance. This dance can show more than what I've been able to say in words. PLEASE watch it!


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