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Motomo Candles

A scent can bring a person back to a long forgotten memory or make a new one. A warm or spicey scent in the Winter just seems to make the cold nights alot warmer. Pine needles way after the Christmas tree is gone,,,warm vanilla keeping the cold chill out of our minds, or maybe heather or lilac to bring on hopes of Spring and Summer for those of you who don't appreciate Winter. For those that love the glimmer of Autumn,,,there's many scents that can bring us back to road trips and stopping at an apple stand, or maybe Summer scents bringing back flashes of childhood memories when the window was open when the lawn was being mowed, or falling asleep on fresh sheets that were hung in the sun all day. Some scents even make our mouths water! So many less calories then the actual thing. *;) What do real estate agents suggest? Bake bread before a potential buyer comes to look at the house to set a mood! It's not the bread,,but the scent!!! Because scent touches a part of our brain and if we stop, close our eyes and just take it in,,,it's a vacation in our imagination. Away from the busy world, stresses and maybe you'll just find yourself in Hawaii drinking a Pina Colada or on a New England back road in Autumn, by a fireplace in Winter or taking in the scent of a Summer garden on a warm day. A highly scented candle is probably the least expensive vacation we can take in our daily life. So light up safely, turn off the lights, and explore all the places the scent of your choice will take you to. And never forget to try one you never have before, because you never know what memories it might bring up,,,,,,,,,, OR start! *:)

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DessertBee SkepApothecary Bear


*Keep burning candles within sight.
*Keep out of reach of children and pets.
*Never burn a candle on or near anything that will catch fire.
*Burn on heat-resistant surface.
*Avoid use in drafty areas.
*Discontinue use when 1/2" of wax remains on bottom to prevent heat damage.
*Keep wick trimmed to 1/4"
*Never burn unattended

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