Handcarved Loon & Baby Decoy

This highly detailed hand carved loon & baby is approx. 16" from tip of tail to chest, approx. 6 3/4" at the highest and approx. 6" at its widest.

Bob carves these out of hard wood, the old fashioned way, rather then using balsa like so many carvers do. He puts a few corn kernels in so you'll hear those rattling around. Proof of the bird being hollow. With balsa they're weighed down with weights. Hard wood doesn't need to be weighed down. After carving them, Bob paints them in detail. It's hard to tell the difference between this loon and the ones on the lake across the street. *:) Yes,,,this beautiful loon is signed by Bob and this one was carved in 2002. New old stock just hitting the market after asking him to give me as many loons as he could find in his vast collection of bird carvings.

Bob Lee is one of our local artists, sharing his time between here in Eaton, NH and Florida.

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