August 19, 2013: Cucumbers & Pickles

This is the first year I tried to grow cucumbers and I was thrilled with the results! With so much of the garden suffering this year because of weather conditions, the cucumbers didn't mind. The largest one to date is the one in the picture and is a healthy 10" long. The runner up is 9" long. Both still growing since I haven't taken them off the vine yet.

The homemade pickles were a gift from a local friend. Thanks Pam! *:) I hope to try my hand at making some myself next year.

Oct. 8 2012 Views from my Backyard

Views from my backyard

I love my backyard and hope to clear the saplings and the dreaded bamboo next year, so I can finally enjoy it a lot more. With the sound of the babbling brook in the back and the loons on the lake,,,,heaven! *:) Hopefully by next year I'll be showing pictures of the backyard with a picnic table near the brook and some shade plants. Keep dreaming, putting in the work, and the dreams do come true. *:)

To the left,,a picture of the back of my house, gallery and barn. To the right, the brook where one on the right (hard to see from this picture), feeds into the main one, where it then runs into the lake.

Sept. 23 2012 My First Homegrown Tomatoes

Beefsteak Tomato and Basil

One of many of my very first crop of tomatoes. Such a beauty! I grew the basil also, but growing basil is hardly new to me. That's why the focus is on the tomato. *;)

Recipe: If you grow tomatoes and basil, a wonderful & simple, but tasty salad is to slice the tomato in quartered slices, julienne the basil (I use kitchen scissors) and top with some shaved, fresh mozzarella cheese. Optional: A drizzle of quality olive oil.


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