November 2, 2015: The Picnic Table

This table was a dream of mine! I told myself once I got through the cancer treatment I WOULD get myself a picnic table to put near my brook and to start enjoying life and enjoying my lil piece of heaven. I made it through the treatment, but what I didn't think about was the time of the year. The end of summer! Not many had picnic tables to sell anymore and the ones that did were cheap pine that got bad reviews for rotting in a year or two. I finally called Paris Farmers Union, who's site said they had the 6' table I wanted and in pressure treated wood. Yes,,it would cost more,,but I deserved it! Problem was,,when I called them,,they no longer had it in stock. I told them why I wanted it. Yes,,I played the cancer card! This was something I held onto all those months and I really wanted one,,it was like my gift to myself for all I went through and still going through. The nice man told me he'd do everything he could to get me one and he said it in a way where I really believed him.

I told my nurses about it and after about 3 weeks one of them asked me if they called me back. I told them no and I wasn't going to bother them. It was my mistake thinking I could get one at the end of the season, so I wasn't going to bother them about it. I felt it was my mistake on not thinking about the time of the year I'd purchase one.

Then one day,,,,I got an email from a friend telling me some food from Snowvillage Inn was left on my car. Everyone knows not to knock on my door. lol I went through the barn to get it, so I wouldn't be seen in my comfies and not much longer then when I got inside, the phone rang. It was my friend Joan asking me if I saw what was by my car. I thought she meant the food and told her I just got it, but I had no idea why she'd be calling about the food. Then she asked how I couldn't see it! She was laughing! I told her,,I went through the barn and the only thing I saw were the bags of food on the car. She told me to look outside my gallery door, so I did. And,,,the above pics is what I saw!!!! My dream picnic table!!!!! With that giant bow on it! I broke into tears! How??? Who???? All Joan told me was it came from AnonyMooses in town.

I wasn't relating! This wasn't a NEED like when I went through treatment. It was just a want that I was going to get for myself! She didn't say more,,but that people in town that wanted to stay anonymous donated the money for the table. I have goose bumps in just writing this story now. I felt alone in this process, but yet still,,,there were people in town that cared and gave,,,even though staying anonymous. I want to thank all of those AnonyMOOSES.

It took a couple of weeks for Joan to tell me more, although she still wouldn't tell me who donated towards the table. Ends up,,,she was at the pub, told people about me wanting the table and how hard of a time I was trying to find one. Enough chipped in to cover the cost. The next step was Joan going to Paris Farmers Union,,,mentioning my name and the table (she knew I went to them in hopes of them getting me one). They were working on getting one for me and now they were really trying. Joan told them if I called,,,to LIE to me and tell me they couldn't get one. Ends up after way too much work for one table,,,,they got one! But,,,,Paris Farmers Union had to buy 150 of them, so I could have my 1!!!!!! That brought more tears!!!! I can't believe they did that! Yes,,they'll sell them next year, but to pay out money for inventory in off season is something I don't even do. Hugs to them all for being so human in such an insane world! That table could never be replaced,,,too much love from so many went into it. It's such a special gift!!!

A neighbor helped me move it to the brook. We got lucky and it settled on straight land easily. The table did come with some things for the feet, so they wouldn't rot and a cover for the winter. I had my first bbq using the table and the brook was babbling happily with a second brook running into it giving it a little waterfall. HEAVEN!!!!! I'll get pics as soon as I have some time. In the meantime,,,trying to get the saplings along the brook cut down and so far only 3 have been cut. A neighbor said he should be back to do the rest. I hope so,,,,it would give the area a lot more sun and I think I can have partial sun plants there next year. My little spot of heaven that took me too long to enjoy! My priorities have changed! I'm going to be taking some ME time once I get through this. A nice, healthy balance and if anyone sat by my brook,,,they'd know what I'm talking about. It's a magical place. *:)

If any AnonyMOOSES are reading this,,,,thank you from the deepest part of my heart! Much love and big hugs!


October 4, 2015: Cancer

It's been awhile since I posted on here. I've been battling cancer and as much as I felt like posting,,I just wasn't able to. Now,,I'm ready to post a bit of this battle. After 5 months of chemo and 2 months of radiation, it was hard for me to find my footing again. I have to laugh a bit with saying "footing" since I have neuropathy in my feet and hands now. I don't have good footing! Chemo has left my body a mess! And I'm realizing I may never be the same again. I can't walk well or even write well.

Last week,,I found out my spine has osteoporosis. Not cool, since I was born with a bad spine. My slump in living got worse and I didn't know how to get out of it but wait it out. The last few days I did "food" days and made and freezed exotic recipe's. Best thing I ever bought myself was a freezer. *;) The nesting of cooking like this got me back into a passion. I have to stop now since my freezers are full and I eat so little. Have to try for sane instead of manic food horder! *;)

Anyway,,,this is National Breast Cancer Awareness month and it hit me hard. A year ago I was getting ready for my surgery. One of many and at least one more by the end of this year. . A year later,,,,I'm still sick and weak. I was told it would take another year to get my energy back and also given papers of what will come next for me because I did go through chemo and radiation. Oh boy!!!! Nice to know my future!!! <sigh> After hearing the chemo could have caused osteroporosis and I need big time help with that since it's really bad in my lower spine,,I got into a week long funk. I slept a lot,,but then felt my passion wanting to live again!! And then I thought of this song. It fits,,and I'll remember it while I have to go through more tests and operations. For any fight in life,,,this song helps!

If any of you want to help cancer patients in this area,,please donate to Jen's Friends,,,,,http://jensfriends. I can't begin to tell you how much they've helped me.

January 12 2015: My Baby Girl leaves this world:

5/1999 - 1/12/2015

aka as Sugar in the show circle

Luna was my sweet Luna Belle. I hadn't had a female dog in years and when I got her, I couldn't resist putting pink ribbons on her. She didn't mind. I got her when she was 8 years old and I wished I had her since a puppy because I just didn't have enough time with her. But, the time I did have, I loved! She was sassy! She mostly enjoyed her retired life sleeping, but if I was in the kitchen, she'd be there waiting for food and sassing me if she didn't get anything. She was also a big time lover. She loved to snuggle! Her time here,,,no notice. Just about 24 hours for me to realize she too would leave like Shadow did. Fast with no warning. I so miss my sweet Luna Belle! I miss her sassing me and begging for food and even at her old age,,,,,pawing at me to play. I can't believe your gone sweet one! You and Shadow left me so close together that it's hard to wrap my head and heart around it. I can only hope you are both together and having fun with each other. But, please,,don't forget about me! Let me feel you both on occasion and Luna,,,,,you can have as many ice cubes as you want. Gawd,,,,,I'll never be able to get an ice cube again without thinking about you. And the pumpkin chunks. Please know,,,your little guy Aspen misses you as much as I do. I can't take your place with him, but I'm trying to help him as much as I can since you left us. Please,,let your spirit touch ours if you can. We need to feel you. We miss you so much and I miss grabbing your sweet little tongue when you let it stick out when you slept. I miss all of you my little girl!

I miss you so much my Belle!


Uncle Joe

11/20/1927 - 8/30/2014

August 30, 2014: Uncle Joe leaves this world

Sadly, I haven't seen my Uncle Joe in years. I knew my dad still kept contact up until he died, but the families didn't meet up anymore. But, I do remember seeing him when I was an adult and having an incredible conversation with him. He not only still had that killer smile I remembered as a child, but a glint in his eye and willingness to share his wisdom. I never forgot his words and think about them often. I always did. And uncle Joe,,,I'm still running my life with that wisdom. Both you and dad taught me so much!

My one wish,,,we got to know each other even more. You were an amazing man and let me tell you and your immediate family and friends,,,my dad,,,Joe's brother,,adored Joe! Gawd,,,the stories!

I will tell one that I always think about. My dad visited Joe at the firestation one day. My siblings and I were very young and everything looked soooo big to us! I was in awe of all the firemen! Then,,,the alarm went off! We watched uncle Joe and others quickly get into their suits. I was so scared with the loud alarms. The firemen got into their trucks and dad took us outside and held us between the section of the building to separate the entrance for the trucks. Sirens screaming (as I was at this point), I watched the 2 fire trucks rush out, so close to us we could touch them. They turned left. That's the end of that memory.

For years though,,,my dad, would wake us kids up to go to a fire scene. I can still smell the smoke with some of those big fires. Dad was living Joes life in a way. He looked up to Joe,,,envy? I don't know about that, but I do know he was PROUD of his brother. He LOVED his brother! And maybe now,,,they're together again. I hope you both are and I hope you're both watching down on all of us. What men you were! What men,,,you will always be in the hearts of so many! Brothers! My Dad,,,my Uncle.


CONCORD - Deputy Chief Joseph M. Wescott (Ret.), born Nov. 20, 1927, in Nova Scotia, passed away Aug. 30, 2014, at Concord Hospital. Every child and grandchild who did not need to board a plane to be at his side was in attendance during his final hours. Those few others also wanted to be there desperately in person, but their spirits were powerfully present in the room, as they held vigil in their hearts. Firefighters who loved him sat at his bedside and told stories to his youngest son Sean, a Manchester firefighter.

He was an Air Force veteran, serving during the Korean War as MP, then in strategic security in New England. He went on to be a policeman in Manchester and Concord.

In 1962, Joe joined the Concord Fire Department and retired as deputy fire chief.

At the age of 42, he became a founding member of the Concord Rugby Football Club. Not a youth certainly, he was yet formidable.

After his retirement from the fire department, Joe became a special deputy for the U.S. Marshals Service, and later a security guard at First Capital Bank, and too, a bail commissioner at Concord District Court.

He leaves behind five children and their families: Michelle Greenwood of New Boston, Mark and his wife, Pongpayia of Conyers Georgia, Denise and her husband, Todd Place of Francestown, Kathleen and her husband, Rob Audette of Hooksett and son Sean Wescott and wife Christi of Manchester. Proud grandpa of his six grandchildren and two great- grandchildren.

We, his children, are at a loss by his passing. In our hearts, we know he is watching over us. In Joe's words, always "stay safe." We will miss you pops.

10/18/02 - 7/28/2014


July 28, 2014: My Shadow leaves this world

Shadows death was unexpected. He went from happy, to being in pain. An early a.m. visit to the vet, I was told he most likely had a cancerous tumor that burst. He was hemorrhaging. His gums pale and ice cold. There was no way to save him. I had to make the decision fast and once I found out there was no way he'd get past this,,, I told the vet to let him out of his pain. I held him through that until he left this world. My baby!!!!! OMG! My heart is so missing you! You were my shadow,,and Shadow. Now,,,,,I walk around without my Shadow. I love you sooooooooooo much! And I miss you!!! My beloved,,Shadow Man!!!! I am so empty without you.

August 25, 2013: Our Small Town Parade

Click on picture to see more pictures of our small town parade

August 6, 2013:

9/20/1929 - 8/5/2013

I'm missing you Dad! You were and are my heart! Forever!!!! I love you Dad!

Exciting News!!!!

June 1, 2013: Motomo Gallery makes it into New Hampshire Magazine! Check it out! *:) June 2013 Page: 24! *;)

Oct. 8 2012 Chocolate Drive-Thru Sign

Chocolate Drive-Thru Sign

I never expected my Chocolate Drive-Thru sign to get so much attention. A crazy idea that worked! lol I've seen and met many people taking pictures of it since I introduced it, but Emma was sweet enough to send a picture to me. Thanks so much Emma! You did a wonderful job! *:D

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