* November 5, 2013 / Conway Daily Sun / EATON column by Nancy E. Williams 11/5/13 447-5635

Many Eatonites noticed the fire trucks and police down at the four corners in the middle of town last week. Smoke was going up Peggy Wescott’s chimney and then back down into her basement. A very scary and almost deadly situation. Peggy is so grateful to all those who helped out to prevent a tragedy. In her words, “I want to thank all the fireman and the EMT (she was great). I didn’t need the light show with all those fire trucks surrounding the house, but it made me feel safer you were all there. Thanks to John Hartman, Joan Kojola and Bobby Barker who were there in case I needed help/shelter for my dogs. A big thanks to Joan who put out a rally call for me, for help. For that, Alice and Jonathan Spears donated a wonderful stove and much to my surprise, a group of local men came to deliver it yesterday. A HUGE thanks to all of you! Saying thank you just doesn’t seem enough, but it comes from my heart. Alice, Jonathan and to all you men who I do hope I come to know, THANK YOU. Hopefully soon, the new stove will be ready to go and my life can continue in a hopefully, less dramatic state. It is wonderful to know that some still believe in neighbor helping neighbor. The ones that have helped me, made me feel so less alone during all of this. Again, thank you, huge hugs, and love!”

Peggy owns Motomo Gallery where she does a big on-line business. She really counts on her stove because she has been dyeing spinning fiber again and they dry by the stove in two days (without the stove it is twice as long). She really needs to get that full production back. She is dyeing Merino, Tussah Silk, Yearling Mohair and Bamboo. Soon to come, undyed but ready to sell, Musk Ox and Cashmere. If anyone is interested, they can go to her website and have her hold anything they’d like to pick up. Peggy, we are all so happy that everything has worked out for you. Love you!

* July 9, 2013 / Conway Daily Sun / EATON column by Nancy E. Williams 7/9/13 447-5635

Peggy Wescott’s Motomo Gallery at the four corners in Eaton Center is open on the weekends and other days by chance or appointment. She has a limited edition (this season only) of chocolates: Chocolate and Rice Crispies, and Chocolate and sea salt peanuts are available, with chocolate with peanuts and raisins coming soon. BUT – the chocolate is about 5% of the business, so please come in to see the rest. 10% off for anyone if they come in with a cut out of this column.

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* June 2013 / Motomo Gallery makes it into New Hampshire Magazine! Check it out!


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